Two Venturi Designs, Six Concepts Provide the Flexibility of Design to Meet Your Specific Vacuum Requirements

AV Design
• Efficient, High Vacuum Level & Flow
• Standard Venturi, 90˚ Vacuum Passage
• Create Vacuum Quickly
DRS25 SMT Rework



TD Design
• Straight Through Vacuum Passage
• Transport Solid Materials with No
Reduction of Vacuum Flow

DRS25 SMT Rework


MF Design
• Multi-Stage, High Initial Vacuum Flow
• Multiple Vacuum Chambers Insure
Minimum Air Consumption
DRS25 SMT Rework


UV Design
• "Ultra-Vac", Near Perfect Vacuum
• 29.7"Hg Vacuum Evacuation
• Evacuate Chambers, Degas Liquids
DRS25 SMT Rework



IAV, ITD, VS and Custom Designs
• Vacuum Inserts/Cartridges
• An Integral Part of Your Product
• Installs Close to the Vacuum Source
DRS25 SMT Rework


• Chemically Resistant 316 Stainless Steel
• Transport Abrasive Material
• High Temperature Applications
DRS25 SMT Rework


Custom Designs
• Various Configurations and Shapes
• Performance to YOUR Requirements
• Special Fittings & Materials
DRS25 SMT Rework


Vacuum Designs for Scrap Removal
• Perfect for the Fabricating Die Industry
• Vacuum Removal Solutions for Loose
Slugs, Shavings or Finished Parts
DRS25 SMT Rework


Metric Thread Pumps
• TDG, AVG, & AVRG Designs
• HAVG & HAVRG Stainless Steel Designs
• Popular in Europe & Other Countries
DRS25 SMT Rework


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