Air-Vac Engineering

HAVRSS & HAVSS - 316 Stainless Steel

HAV Stainless

Corrosion resistant materials make these generators ideal for analyzer sampling systems. Simple construction has no gaskets or seals. Quickly and effectively generates 27.5"Hg vacuum. Used in petroleum refining and chemical processing industries because they are resistant to corrosion and high temperature applications. Also used in explosion proof systems, and in sanitary “wash down” applications.


TDSS Series - 316 Stainless Steel


Corrosion resistant materials make these generators ideal for in-line material transport and conveying applications. The abrasive materials are entrained in the vacuum stream and pass directly through the generator with no reduction in vacuum flow. Generates 24.5"Hg vacuum. Vacuum passages are available up to 1/2" diameter.





AVR, HAV, AV & RAV Series - Single Stage

AV Vacuum Generators

AV generators create vacuum quickly and are primarily used with suction cups in pick and place and material handling applications. Others applications include vacuum forming and clamping. AV generators evacuate or remove air or other gases from process vessels, chambers, tanks or other closed systems. Vacuum levels to 27.5”Hg. Generators can be easily disassembled for clean out if required.

TD & TDRH Series - Single Stage

TD Generators

TD generators are used in vacuum transport and conveying applications. Solid materials are entrained in the vacuum stream and pass directly through the generator with no reduction in vacuum flow. Vacuum passages are available up to two inch in diameter. Vacuum levels to 24.5"Hg.



UV Series - "Ultra-Vac"

Ultra Vac Generators

Ultra-Vac’s design provides near perfect vacuum of 29.7”Hg. Used to evacuate chambers, degas liquids and in other processes requiring vacuum levels of 1/4”Hg absolute (8Torr). The Ultra-Vac is used as the first stage generator in applications requiring high vacuum to reduce operating time of expensive high vacuum pumping systems.

MFL & MFP Series - Multi Stage

MF Designs

MF generators are ideal for lifting applications where sealing is difficult and leakage is common - where the surface is not completely flat or even. High initial flow rates allows vacuum cup to quickly attach to the surface. Faster evacuation than comparable single stage generators. Due to its small size, the MFP Series is ideal for end-of-arm-tooling applications. Vacuum levels to 27.5"Hg.



IAV & ITD Series - Vacuum Cartridges

Vacuum Cartridges

Vacuum Cartridges are designed to be an integral part of your product and are made to fit into the tightest locations, closer to where the vacuum is required. Inserts are available in two versions. IAV designs are primarily used in evacuation and material handling applications. ITD designs have a straight through vacuum passage for the transport of solid materials. IAV vacuum levels to 27.5"Hg, ITD vacuum levels to 24.5"Hg.

Specials & OEM Series

OEM Vacuum Generators

Air-Vac is the leading producer of air-operated vacuum generators for OEM and special applications. A generator specifically designed for you will result in a competitive advantage for your product. Generators can be designed to produce specific results or to operate at specific inlet pressures. Various physical shapes and threaded connections are available to fit your equipment. Materials include aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and plastic. Rugged industrial construction with no moving parts provides long pump life. ISO9001:2000 Certified.



Mufflers for Generators &
Air Exhausting Equipment

Flow Through Mufflers

A muffler for every generator. Straight through design allows contaminants to pass through with no decrease in flow and no clogging. Standard Mufflers also available to quiet exhausting air.

Vacuum Sleeves & Funnel Units
for controlling loose scrap in fabricating dies

Vacuum Sleeves and Funnel Units

Units are designed to convert compressed air into vacuum which is applied to the die opening. This vacuum prevents slug and loose scrap from pulling out with the punch. By causing atmosphere air to flow through the die opening, all loose scrap is carried away from the die surface and through the vacuum unit and into a container.


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