316 Stainless Steel:
HAVRGSS & HAVGSS Series (Metric threads)

Corrosive Resistant Vacuum Pumps provide unique advantages for aggressive or sterile environments. Virtually indestructible with no moving parts, seals or gaskets for maintenance-free usage.

Air Sampling/Gas Analyzing Systems
• Exhaust Removal of Corrosive Vapors
• Sanitary Washdown Applications
• Transport of Abrasive Materials
• Perfect in Volatile Areas

Wide Range of Performance:

• HAVRG Series: Vacuum Flow rates to 35 l/min.
• HAVG Series: Vacuum Flow rates to 193 l/min.

When choosing from the chart below please consider:
"M" Series produce MEDIUM vacuum levels for low air usage

Full Dimensions

HAVRGSS Series (top) and HAVGSS Series (bottom)




How AV Series Works
Compressed air flows through a small circular opening to generate a high velocity. This air expands, resulting in decreased pressure to provide vacuum levels up to 92%. The vacuum port is perpendicular to the air supply.
AV Flow

Performance Considerations
for Minimal Air Usage

Vacuum Levels
Depends on the application,
High, Medium, or Low:

• Select an H Model when
maximum vacuum level is
required, 92%

When lower vacuum levels
satisfy the requirement:

• Select an M Model for 60-70%
• Select an L Model for (available upon request)

This results in a substantial reduction in air usage.

Vacuum Flow
Substantial vacuum flow is developed at low operating pressures when using
Models H, M or L.

• Initially the curves are very steep.

• Higher pressures do not increase the vacuum flow but will increase
air usage.


Selecting the minimum vacuum level and lowest operating pressure in the following applications
will minimize air usage:

• Leak Testing
• Labeling Machines
• Paper Feeding Systems
• Printing Presses
• Vacuum Chucks
• Sheet Metal Lifters
• Packaging Machinery
• Encapsulating
• Food Processing Machinery
• Air Sampling
• Dental Equipment
• Gas and Liquid Mixing
• Air Cooling



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